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Ad Triggers in Dating Vertical: How Tune-Up Ad Creatives for higher CTR

Ad Triggers in Dating Vertical: How Tune-Up Ad Creatives for higher CTR

Talking about triggers within any type of product, service, or brand promotion means a kind of “hook” that encourages users to take the targeted action of the advertisement. For example, make a purchase, download an application, fill out a form, register on the website, etc. And these “clues” are put into the creative by photo and text. 

In this article, we will find out the main types of text triggers in the dating vertical and share with you our insights on how to use them in ads as efficiently as possible.

Trigger types

It is worth noting that triggers help not only to attract the attention of the audience but also to influence a person's emotions. Accordingly, their main goal is to evoke feelings, while rationality becomes invisible. 

There are many different typologies, but we will focus on the basic techniques that are relevant in the dating vertical.

  • Shortage

An artificially created shortage forces users to purchase the product or service faster. People are afraid of losing something, especially if they like it. Therefore, you can use such restrictions in the text. 

For example: "There are only 25 free girls online!"

  • Time binding

In this case, we motivate the user to take advantage of the offer, since it is limited in time.

A suitable phrase can be: “Hurry up to write a message to Jessica while she is online”

  • Fear

This trigger can be thought of as a fear of loneliness or loss. It is simple and easy to use. Such messages like: “Feel alone? Enter the chat Natasha is already waiting for you”, or “No one to spend the evening with? Let's get to know each other better” could be a good option.

  • Personalization

One of the ways to get attention and reach out to the user is by using personalized messages. For example, if your target audience is men 30-45 years old, try using this in the text: “Charming girl looking for men older than 30”, or “Are you 45 and looking for a young girl? Come to the chat, I'm waiting for you”. 

Another option is to build on the GEO: “Russian ladies are here to find mature lovers”, or motivation “Sign up and start meeting girls for flirting!”. 



  • Intrigue

The main role of intrigue is to arouse interest and curiosity. Using this technique, the user becomes motivated to find out what awaits him after clicking on the banner. The message you can try: “Hey, you are one step away from finding your love destiny!”, or “Sign up and meet gorgeous women looking for the real taste of love!”

How to Increase CTR for Dating creative

When creating advertisements in the dating vertical, it is important to consider the following directions: Mainstream dating, Adult, and Casual. So, the message that you broadcast must be selected carefully:

Mainstream dating is suitable for those looking for a long-term and serious relationship. Therefore it is better to focus on this. For example: “Hundreds of single beautiful girls and women are waiting! Click here and find your love”

TOP converting offers within mainstream dating at C3PA:

7364 50sLove CH, AT, UK [SOI]

7145 VioletDates CPL US, UK, CA, AU, NZ [SOI] Email only

5054 Dream Singles CPL US, UK, SE, CH, NO, NZ, DK, CA, BE, AU, AT, IS, DE [SOI]

Adult dating is for those who are interested in non-binding, candid relationships. So you can choose more easily, and  “free” communication, like: “Start flirting with cuties and find your match for a date!”

TOP converting offers within adult dating at C3PA:

6924 Searchingforsingles CPL US [DOI]

6990 HushLove CPL US, CA, AU, NZ, IL [SOI]

6480 CPL UK [DOI]

Casual dating is the simplest and "easiest" type focused on short meetings without any obligations. What will fit? Any allusion to a one-night stand: “Find potential partners for romantic entertainment tonight!”, or “Click to find the girl for an unforgettable night!”.

TOP converting offers within casual dating at C3PA:

7390 Crushdate 25+ CPL US, UK, CA, NZ, AU [SOI]

3691 ThatRussianGirl CPL US, UK, CA, AU, NZ, IE, ZA [SOI]

7263 ChemistryCupid CPL US [DOI]

There is no one one-stop trigger or text that will improve the conversion of your ad. But the good news is that you now have the particular tools to test and create the most converting expression. What's next?

  • Use our examples of message in the text;
  • don't forget about different types in the dating vertical;
  • apply more triggers to attach users;
  • and join us to work with profitable offers and the highest payouts!

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