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How to Drive more sales: 10 Affiliate marketing strategies that work

How to Drive more sales: 10 Affiliate marketing strategies that work

Every time you are going to promote the offer, you probably think like any other digital marketer creating their strategy. You start to learn about the product, the target audience who is interested in it, the message that generates attention, and then select the most suitable places to produce the traffic.

What does it mean? In the end, It's all about strategy, understanding your audience, and having the right tools for promoting offers.

Check out 10 affiliate marketing strategies that will improve your promotion and drive more sales!

1. Be trendy and keep your focus steady

A common mistake affiliates make is trying to reach as many niches as possible. But in this way, if you are not an experienced specialist, there is a possibility that you may not achieve the desired results and lose motivation. 

To prevent this, analyze the competition, your ROI, and then pick one category that works best for you. After you are confidently and successfully developing there, try additional niches.

Also, one of the keys to successful work is to promote products that are at the peak of their popularity. How can you find them? Use services like BuzzSumo and Google Trends to track viral topics and products!

They allow us to look at the key query statistics, find the most viral topics and compare with other keywords.

2. Use high-performing pages to put affiliate links

When you choose themes or formats to create new content for affiliate links don't forget about your existing resources!

Find a few high-performing pages that are currently getting the most traffic using Google Analytics. Choose the most suitable and add affiliate links to them. It helps to save time and get effective results.

3. Don't forget about the audience

If you promote the product to an audience that is not interested in it most likely you will fail. It's not enough to understand only gender or age, you should dig deep. And the best way to do this is to use proven numbers! 

You can monitor the demographics and interests of your audience use the Demographics and Interests feature in Google Analytics. Data you can find:

Besides, with popular social media, you can also analyze your audience in more detail. 

• To learn about your audience on Facebook, use Facebook Insights;
• on Instagram — Instagram Insights;
• on YouTube — YouTube Analytics
• on Tik Tok — Tik Tok Analytics.

4. Customize Your Links for Different Countries

Geo-targeting is one of the ways to deliver content for users according to their geographical location. It helps to display more accurate and relevant information, for example showing a suitable website language, currency, and personalized offer. It can be done with a plug-in, short link, or code snippet.

5. Use A/B Tests 

A/B testing is a decisive way to optimize affiliate marketing campaigns. What type of content can you improve using this technique?

1. Advertising banners (to understand which color, image, button, and size of the text leads more conversions to your campaign);
2. Affiliate links (to find the best link placement on one page);
3. Landing page (to understand which variant of design or structure works better).

6. Useful content first, then the sale

Many new marketers join the affiliate program and start promoting their links on the very first day. But they can't last long in the market because they haven't built trust.

If you want to play for a long time, don't start selling from the beginning. Think about what questions you might have answered?

For example, if a user is looking for a phone to buy, most likely it will be useful for him to look at the review or read a comparison with other models. Or if he wants to choose an app for doing sport, most likely he would be interested in a detailed review of the functionality. Such content will not only serve as a good platform for placing links but will also increase the credibility of your resource.

7. Use remarketing

Why can this instrument boost your sales? 

Firstly, launching remarketing ads is a way to attract more interested visitors, because they have already seen your offer. Secondly, it's a good opportunity to stimulate users' complete target action. When people visit you more than once, they trust you more and the more likely they will decide to buy.

The stats are undeniable!
• Website visitors who are retargeted are more likely to convert by 43% [Source: Criteo]
• While the average CTR for display ads is 0.07%, the average for retargeting ads is 0.7% [Source: Wishpond]
• 91% of marketers who have used retargeting have found it to perform the same as or better than search, email, or other display ads [Source: IAB]
• 30% of consumers have a positive or very positive reaction to retargeted ads, while only 11% feel negative about them [Source: eMarketer]

8. Try multiple traffic sources

If you want to drive more sales don't put all your eggs in one basket. In this case, it's better not to focus on one thing. What should you do?

Divide your time and efforts in calculating the scope and effectiveness of a particular platform. There are a lot of effective platforms today, like social media (YouTube, Instagram, TokTok), specialized blogs, and forums. Just use different strategies to find the audience, provide them quality content, and analyze how it works.

9. Mobile First

According to statistics users around the world continue to actively use mobile devices for surfing the Internet.

• Nearly 58% of searches now come from mobile devices [Source: Hitwise]
• About 50% of internet traffic comes from mobile phones [Source: Statista]
• 65% of all digital media time is spent on mobile devices [Source: Business2Community]

Of course, the web is still in demand, but if you want to attract more traffic, make sure that your resources are adapted for mobile too.

10. Get closer to your users

If you want to attract an audience, pay attention not only to the resources that they visit, but also the format of the content that is consumed today.

Podcasts have become more popular, online learning continues to grow, users still prefer video
content, and new social networks (such as Clubhouse) appear. It's all about today’s reality. That's why to understand what will work best for you, be sure to test different approaches and keep your finger on the pulse of current trends.

Now you know about working affiliate marketing strategies. But what should you do now?
Go through the list again. And if you haven't implemented some of them or wanted to do something but didn't have time, be sure to integrate it into your work and increase your sales!