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Trends in Affiliate Marketing 2023

Trends in Affiliate Marketing 2023

As we enter the final quarter of this challenging year, it's time to talk about what's in store for affiliate marketing in 2023. We've highlighted a few current trends that show why affiliate marketing is still one of the most promising sources of income. Today we look at which verticals will continue to bring profit and what innovations to expect in the industry.

Advertisers increase demand for Affiliates

More and more companies in the market are analyzing how convenient and effective it is to cooperate with CPA networks for business development. That, in turn, brings consistently high profits and results for all participants in the transaction.

Extension of programs and offers for Affiliates

Advertisers have already been able to appreciate the high profitability of cooperation with CPA networks. Many companies focused on expanding their cooperation programs and the range of relevant offers. That means that affiliates will have even more options for earning, especially in trending verticals, which we will talk about next.

The most profitable Affiliate Marketing verticals in 2023

Affiliate marketing verticals are a kind of group of offers united according to a shared principle. Initially, the main verticals are distinguished: adult and mainstream, which divided into sub-verticals. Let's highlight the verticals that will take the lead in 2023 in affiliate marketing:

  • Dating/Adult
  • Gambling/betting
  • Crypto
  • Nutra/Health
  • Mobile installations

Dating will become the leader in affiliate earning

The Dating vertical is already one of the stable leaders in affiliate marketing, along with Gambling and Crypto. During the COVID-19 period in 2020-2021, most people spent time at home, and because of this, Dating has gained a huge number of interested people, and the pace is still growing at this time. It has become convenient for everyone to get acquainted and communicate on the Internet. Dating is expected to be at the peak of its popularity in 2023, and as a result, it is this vertical that will have the largest payouts.

According to Technavio, the online dating market is growing steadily and will grow by $3.56 billion by 2024.

Offers in this vertical convert well, especially with new approaches. Dating (if they are not from the adult category) is moderated quite well on Google, Facebook, and Tik Tok with light creatives. For dating in 2023, traffic sources such as Native, Display, and Social (Facebook, TikTok) are suitable.

Arbitrageurs should take a closer look at the offers that are popular at the moment and will continue to grow in popularity and increase payouts. Among them:

  • Dream Single
  • YesDates
  • Anastasia Dates

CPA networks are expected to significantly expand the range of offers in the Dating vertical, creating even more revenue opportunities for experienced affiliates. 

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Gambling&Betting Verticals

At present, Betting is steadily gaining popularity, as a huge number of championships in various sports are regularly held.

Gambling since COVID-19 also continues to gain popularity day by day. Most players (users) have moved from offline casinos to online ones, which will continue to provide new traffic and good volumes.

Crypto Vertical

At this time, the year of the bear dominates, which comes with a fall in the crypt. Now is the best time to buy it for a long period, and because of this a huge influx of new users. Traffic volumes are growing and will continue to grow in 2023.

Let's summarize

Affiliate marketing is steadily gaining momentum in the world. The competition in the market is growing, but with it, the size of the industry is also growing. The range of unique offers is expanding. Dating is still one of the leading verticals for making money in CPA networks.

Current statistics and most of the facts about affiliate marketing only indicate the growth of the industry in 2023. Each day, affiliate networks are replenished with new advertisers and partners who are ready to provide high-quality traffic.

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