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TOP services for driving traffic on dating 🔥

TOP services for driving traffic on dating 🔥

We call dating an «evergreen» niche in traffic arbitrage 🔥
It is always relevant under any circumstances, isn’t it?

Together with our media buying team, we prepared an analysis of the TOP tools for driving traffic on dating sites and their advantages!

Here they are ðŸš€ 

🔥 Adsbridge is a tracker and TDS that helps monitor and optimize traffic quality. It also provides expanding, A/B testing, and filtering bot traffic.

✅ Advantages: fast redirects; flexible reporting system; auto-optimization of campaigns; convenient analytics.


🔥 Voluum is a cloud-based tracker that collects visitor and conversion data and finds profitable combinations of traffic, ads, and offers.

✅ Advantages: API access, faster detection of invalid traffic, VIP servers (data storage on the fastest servers)


🔥 Keitaro is a service for media buyers and publishers to optimize, control, and protect traffic. Here you can test your funnel using the built-in traffic simulation tool.

✅ Advantages: fast rotation of campaign flows, minute-by-minute data updates and conversion attribution, black-and-white lists, markers in reports.


🔥 Adplexity is a spy service where you can find information about аdWords, web, mobile, and in-app advertising in one place.

✅ Advantages: access to the largest database on the market, data from 100+ affiliate networks, search by publisher, location, and advertiser.


What service would you like us to analyze? 

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