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Tips to drive traffic through apps: Dating vertical

Tips to drive traffic through apps: Dating vertical

The popularity of the dating vertical has extremely increased during the pandemic. Online dating is what people do when everything else has been canceled, it seems. People stopped seeing each other often in real life, and the fact of quarantine just made them turn to dating apps, virtual meetings, and chats. According to Business Insider: «Match Group's second-quarter 2020 earnings report shows an increase in subscribers and downloads over pre-COVID-19 levels, and users are back to paying for membership at the same level they were before.»

Mobile apps in affiliate marketing set the trend for 2020, and nowadays it has occupied almost every vertical. Just a while ago web view was used for the gambling vertical only, and today you may have noticed that affiliates perfectly fit it in dating, crypto, and other verticals. In this article, you will find out about the advantages and main features of driving traffic to dating offers using mobile apps.

But first, we need to define what exactly the technology of web view is. The web view is basically a browser with an offer website in it, and that technology hides behind a casual app. The app consists of a cover preview, a website without any browser elements (so it can look like an actual part of the app), and a cloaking tool.

Therefore, you can apply it to any offer in different verticals all you need is to change the website, which is shown to users, the app design, and its description in either Google Play Market or App Store.

You may want to ask: "Why do I need an app while I can drive traffic directly to the website?"

Here are some advantages of this kind of technology:

1. Long Term communication with users

Thanks to mobile apps you no longer have to be concerned that the offer tab could be closed by the user, or the user won’t come back to the website. You have already gained interest. And the app icon is its reminder to open it again. Therefore, you have an extra opportunity to keep them engaged. Additionally, you can increase your CR by using push notifications - promos, bonuses, special offers which make people open your app again and again.

2. User’s Preferences 

The app gains more trust when it is downloaded exactly from Google or App Store. Users keep downloading them, and apps promotions are easier than pushing offers directly. As a result, we have an increasing CR. But still, the app install is the dominant action user has to perform. 

3. Wide range of traffic sources

Besides everyone’s favorite Facebook and Instagram, there are plenty others: in-app ads, Google Universal App Campaign and push traffic.

These are the main remarkable advantages. One of the weak spots of apps is the fact that you have to create or buy them, the high risks of being banned, and the review process in stores. Generally, it leads to the question «Where can I get the app?»

«Where can I get an app?»

Here are some ways:

  • The most effective way - ask your affiliate manager in C3PA Network, so we can get you the best one we have. Recently, we have launched our dating products that can noticeably improve your performance in the dating vertical;
  • Create your own. But it is too way long, high-priced, and requires fundamental bits of knowledge of programming languages;
  • Buying or renting it - also way too expensive.

Now we discuss some practical tips for driving traffic through mobile apps:

  • Push the application to the top of charts in stores by organic search

Using relevant keywords, you collect organic traffic and bring your app to the top. Even though organic is high-quality traffic, but at the same time, unfortunately, it is limited by the dynamics of search requests. Take into account all the nuances of the description and monitor the correct placements of the keywords to avoid being banned.

To get to the top of the apps, you can use various methods: fake reviews, ratings, click-throughs, and downloads. After reaching the top, you need to constantly remind the user of yourself, using push notifications. Hereafter, the user will already make purchases within the application, which will improve the quality of traffic. 

  • Facebook/Instagram Ads

In this case, there is no need to push your app to the top of the charts. The main mechanism is to run it through Facebook or Instagram Ads. 

But firstly, you need to go through competitors so you can improve the design of your app. Include your features, which can distinguish you on the market. As the conversion rate depends mostly on the app’s representation. 

Then you need to put an app into Facebook SDK. That allows you to track actions users perform inside your app to FB ad account. 

It is easier with Instagram: feed ads or stories ads, or bloggers aka influencers. The same is for Facebook. The same can be applied to Facebook. 

  • Promote your app in Telegram channels 

One of the fastest ways is publishing ads with install links in high engaged Telegram channels and chats could be an efficient way to push your app. There are also several services for choosing the right niche and topics for ads with the admin’s contact info.

Also, another one is creating its own Telegram channel with useful content, promoting it, gaining users' engagement, and posting info about the application.

In conclusion we want to share some recommendations:

  • Before starting, make sure you have precisely analyzed the market of apps and your competitors;
  • While choosing GEO’s, focus on EU and Asian countries as it shows good profitable results for the dating vertical;
  • Always test different angles while designing the applications and keep an eye on trends in creatives. Again, look closely after competitors and not forget to «decorate» it with its features. 

If you haven’t tried the technology of web view yet, the C3PA team is here to help you with the most profitable deals. Contact our managers so we can help you to pick up the best offers and boost your income.