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The future of affiliate marketing in 2021

The future of affiliate marketing in 2021

C3PA has been successfully developing in the affiliate marketing market for 5 years already.  We want to share our observations on the development of affiliate marketing for the next year:

1. Stable industry growth. Affiliate marketing continues to be a multibillion-dollar industry.  Looking at the data from Statista, you can see that by 2022, the cost of affiliate marketing in the US alone will be more than $8 billion. Stable growth of the affiliate marketing market.  More and more advertising will appear in the world and huge budgets will continue to be channeled into affiliate marketing.  Since 2013, the growth of cash injections has been increasing every year by 8-10% and this growth continues constantly.  This same trend will be ongoing in 2021.  This is not surprising at all, because affiliate marketing helps advertisers achieve their targets and they will continue to invest ad budgets in this area.

2. Interest in the industry is growing.  Based on Google Trends data, we can see the constant interest and growth of search queries on the topic from 2015 to 2020. User engagement has grown by over 200% during this period.  Observing this trend, we see the involvement of people in online shopping and this demand only increases during a pandemic. 

3. PUSH traffic is gradually losing its attractiveness.  White-handed SEO techniques are becoming more and more important, which will gradually lead to less use of push notifications.  More and more studies are appearing on the Internet-based on the fact that PUSH notifications annoy consumers.  Google Chrome is starting to make changes to its settings to prevent annoying push notifications from appearing.

4. Cooperation of affiliates with affiliate programs.  The growth of cooperation of affiliates with several affiliate networks is noticeable.  Turning our attention to the Forrester report, we see that 71% of affiliates cooperate with three or more affiliate networks.  This all suggests that partners are constantly working on optimization and want to make the most of their opportunities in working with customers and make them the best offer at the best price. Only 6% of affiliates work with one affiliate network.

5. Growing interest in crypto.  Next year, we expect a huge increase in user interest in cryptocurrencies.  Recently, the bitcoin rate has been showing stable growth.  Starting from the beginning of 2020 and a cost of 3 thousand dollars, today bitcoin is worth approximately 27 thousand dollars, which indicates a very good investment. On January 7th of 2021, bitcoin reached its all-time maximum of $40000.  In this regard, we expect that clients will become more interested in cryptocurrencies and invest their finances to further earn money on cryptocurrencies.  C3PA has vast experience in the crypto niche, can provide a wide selection of top-end funnels and the best cooperation conditions for its partners.

6. Affiliate income.  In the AffStat report, you can see that affiliates have shared information about their earnings, which constitute $ 20,000. By this amount, it is very difficult to judge the real earnings in affiliate marketing, because for the majority this is an additional income to their main activity. In many affiliate networks, the smallest conversion can be only $ 10, while in other affiliate networks you can get several thousand dollars for one conversion.

7. Diversification.  We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the outgoing year has shown very well how some can take off overnight, while others can lose very huge budgets.  Successful people always have multiple sources of income and affiliates are no exception.  To get the maximum income, try running several offers at the same time and see which one is better.  After that, take some time to analyze, add more effort and make the best offer even more successful.

Affiliates should always remember that free and paid traffic can be effective in different ways in return on investment (ROI).  Free traffic can always be replaced by paid traffic, but this will not save you from an outdated offer and poor quality content.  Therefore, in 2021, you need to pay special attention to content, making a creative offer, testing different campaigns, and only in this case you will be able to maximize customer interest and make money out of it.

From the foregoing, we can conclude that the world of affiliate marketing is constantly in motion and changes following the trends of the modern world.  Perhaps some changes are not happening as quickly as we would like, but we see constant development and the opening of new opportunities.