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Test AdKaizen’s traffic and get a bonus!

Test AdKaizen’s traffic and get a bonus!

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🇺🇸 zone 1125  Source 12  Push  $0.040
🇺🇸 zone 1127  Source 10  Lastclicks. $0.260
🇬🇧 zone 1139  Source 10  Lastclicks $0.156
🇬🇧 zone 1110  Source 11  Back Button $0.040
🇩🇪zone 1114  Source 11  Back Button  $0.030
🇩🇪zone 1137  Source 10  Lastclicks. $0.195
🇨🇦zone 1117  Source 11  Back Button. $0.030
🇦🇺zone 1140  Source 10  Lastclicks. $0.351

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