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Most important email-marketing trends for 2021

Most important email-marketing trends for 2021

You will agree with us if we tell you that email is the most effective online marketing tool. Won’t you?

Businesses now use email marketing campaigns to talk with their customers. Stats claim that it even increased by 45% in 2020 compared to the last year. In this article, we gathered some of the features that are trending now. Let’s check it!

1. Personalization 

Personalizing the emails is the key to success.
Now you can’t just use the client’s name in the copy and subject line to engage with him.
Here are some tips:

  • Getting segmentation right
  • Optimizing send times according to the user’s historical open patterns
  • Using dynamic content depending on the user that you’re sending to
  • Matching email frequency to engagement levels
  • Establishing a personal brand connection
  • Creating individualized destinations

According to Experian, birthday emails can generate 342% more revenue than a regular promotional email. The point is to make the customer believe you understand and put their needs first. Implementing customer appreciation emails in the email marketing strategy could play a vital role in the company’s financial success

  • Birthday Emails
  • Anniversary Emails
  • Exclusive Offer Emails
  • Early Access Emails
  • Thank You Emails

Customer appreciation emails can create a much-needed emotional connection with your client. Brands must embrace empathy as their way to better understand and relate to customers. They will help your brand strengthen the relationship, build trust, loyalty, and increase engagement.

2. Interactive emails

Email marketing must play its role in building a consistent user experience and a customer journey. Nowadays, we can notice that entertaining emails are gaining popularity.
Studies by Salesforce reported: «68% of customers have elevated their expectations of brands’ digital capabilities.»

To increase your engagement, you must provide a great customer experience.
You can implement:

  • Animated gifs and effects
  • Interactive Features
  • AMP - like a mini website in your email 
  • Games in your email

For example, animations are proved to increase marketing metrics. Play marketing tricks like evoking a sense of urgency or drawing attention

Customers enjoy the ability to do shopping right from the inbox and find it desirable in 2021. AMP makes it real. You can already add such features as a carousel with various shopping options that allow users to view products and add their choice to the cart right from the email instead of finding it in the store.

3. Automation And AI Integration 

Automation is a must when you need to go through a marketing analysis cycle all the time. 
«According to Epsilon, automated emails enjoy 119% higher click rates than broadcast emails». This tool should be integrated to give the user a sense of control over their inbox all the time. It helps to bring value that generates leads.

Another tendency that involves automation implies stepping away from manual campaigning and using AI. List segmentation, content analysis, and effective outreach: all the tasks that AI can already do better than humans.

AI-powered deep learning technology creates copy that resonates with any audience, segment, or individual. This type of technology can also offer personalized email content recommendations on an individual level, increasing engagement and

Finally, delegate email designing to HTML email template generators. It is a time-saving and cost-effective solution that will help to build modern, fully responsive, and accessible email newsletters.

The stay-at-home lifestyle in 2020 has shown that people are signing up for email newsletters more than ever. Make the most of this trend.