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How to choose a CPA network?

How to choose a CPA network?

To make good money on arbitrage, you do not need only high-quality traffic, but also a reliable CPA network. In 2022, many networks for different niches.

Today we will discuss how to choose a network and protect your money. We will teach you to distinguish reliable CPA networks from scammers who shave wildly.

Let's take a look at what CPA networks do:

  • Attract advertisers. Conduct advertising campaigns, negotiate terms, and check new partners.
  • Develop infrastructure. Webmasters have many useful tools at their disposal that increase the efficiency of traffic draining from link generators and domain parking to Smartlinks, white labels, and APIs.
  • Monitor statistics. Affiliate managers can track the effectiveness of traffic sources in their accounts.
  • Prepare promotional materials. Banners, landings, pre-landers, and other formats.
  • Resolve conflicts. Networks help to find a compromise so that all parties win.
  • Act as a guarantor. If the affiliate cooperates with the advertiser directly, he does not have protection from shaving or freezing the payout. Good CPA networks advocate for the interests of affiliates.

Advantages and disadvantages of CPA networks


  • Large selection of offers. Top affiliate programs cover the most high-converting niches.
  • Profitable terms. Bets on most offers make it possible to earn good money.
  • Useful tools.
  • Protection. Under ideal conditions, CPA networks do not block partner accounts at the request of advertisers, but conduct an independent investigation to find out the culprit of the conflict.
  • Additional plushies. From merchandise to cool gifts, conferences are also frequent.


  • Prolonged cold. In bad CPA networks, the quality of traffic and leads can be checked for several months. There are many complaints about the network that money does not come for six months or a year.
  • Incompetent tech support. Some chains do not control their managers well, so you should always pay attention to this.

​​​​​​​How to choose a CPA network?

This is the main problem not only for beginners but also for experienced professionals. Beginners do not know who to trust, and experienced ones are looking for better deals. Conditions for offers can vary greatly depending on the grid level. We have collected useful tips that will help you choose the right affiliate program.

What to look for:

  • Reviews. This criterion is not accidental in the first place. The reviews make it clear whether it is worth working with a CPA network and what weaknesses it has.
  • Approval. If the approval rate for most offers is very low, it’s not worth wasting your time.
  • Hold. In some niches, you can’t do without a long lead check, but if the procedure drags on for six months, it’s better to look for another place to monetize traffic.
  • Update frequency. New offers should appear in the interface or conditions should change. If there is no activity, the grid may be half dead.
  • Payout threshold. For beginners, it is better to choose software with minimal restrictions.
  • Withdrawal fees. Transferring money is not always profitable.
  • Adequate support. If managers promptly respond to your account and messengers, you can ask them for cases or working links, there is every reason to trust your traffic to this network.
  • Bonuses.

A good CPA network is a combination of favorable conditions for offers and high-quality service. Where managers try to do everything to increase the income of their affiliates, and the management defends the interests of affiliates before advertisers.

All these recommendations are followed by our team - the C3PA network. We always try to get better, so that all our partners feel comfortable, and most importantly, it is profitable to cooperate with us. Become our partner and check out - the link.