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2020 has been a turbulent year for everyone. But, no matter what, difficult times gave us an opportunity to step out of our comfort zone and become even more successful.


We shared our achievements and changes we adapted to this year in interview for the Affiliate Valley article.


Q: It’s great when in a difficult year for everyone you become even more successful! “C3pa”, are you the same?

A: Exactly! During this year, we can distinguish three main events in our company.

First, the growth of the crypto vertical. Namely, the number of affiliates has increased significantly and we have brought the crypto to a separate platform. We have also expanded the pool of direct brokers who receive consistent traffic.

Secondly, their products and in-houses in dating. We have expanded the pool of direct dating products, as well as in-house funnel offers for different types of traffic. Dating is traditionally our strong vertical. And this year we have further strengthened our position.

Third, the restructuring of the team and processes. The year taught us a lot, primarily remote work during quarantine periods and shifting focus from the office to online. This experience helped to look at the team as a whole and at each person from a different angle in new realities. This year gave an understanding of “bottlenecks” and pointed out certain mistakes in approaches. The transformations in the team and the processes that we have adopted will definitely help us to significantly accelerate the pace of development.


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