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High EPC with crypto offers. Our approach

High EPC with crypto offers. Our approach

Achieving high EPC with Crypto is not magic or rocket science, it is the consequence of consistent optimization of traffic flow. There are 3 main checkpoints where optimization take place

1. High CR% on funnels. Before going live your account manager will make a selection of funnels and pre-landers that might have better conversion click2reg for your traffic source, as it does matter for getting a 1:5 ratio from click to registration instead of 1:15. We have TOP funnels for main traffic sources we process: Email, SEO, Facebook, and Native ads. All you need is to direct your traffic and after A/B testing leave the ones with better potential of conversion.

2. Use the maximum potential of broker’s call centers. We do work out every lead. On a backend of our funnels, there are always up to five brokers, every broker gets a unique lead. As a result of backend optimization, your leads are directed to one or two brokers providing best selling performance on your traffic. Another point is working out of leads not accepted by the broker. If one broker cannot accept the lead for any reason (duplicate, misgeo, unreachable, etc.), this lead directs to another client, and as result, you always get maximum profit value of every lead, as none leads are wasted.

3. Individual bump to payouts. As you start sending traffic, we care about keeping it going and scaling. Increasing volumes always means playing with bids. We know the game rules, and do our best to negotiate and provide better payment conditions and CPA level to give it chance scaling.

Fellows, be sure we keep about your profit and comfort here at C3PA.

If you’re looking for winning deals, go ahead with us!