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Google announces New Ads Creative Studio

Google announces New Ads Creative Studio

Google announced the launch of a new Ads Creative Studio - a service for creative advertising tools. The goal of this change is to make it easier to create multiple content pieces - media-, video, audio ads. 

Ads Creative Studio includes the following tools with plans for more and expanded feature availability over the coming months:

  • Director Mix for customizing YouTube creatives for different audiences by building out multiple versions of a YouTube video ad with swappable elements;
  • Data-driven and HTML5 creatives that allow you to generate customized and interactive creatives for Display & Video 360 and Campaign Manager 360;
  • Audio mixer and dynamic audio ads that allow the creation of audio clips for Display & Video 360.

The goal is to simplify the ad creation process with more collaboration features. The creation of ad creatives helps organize the ad processes creation thanks to a unified library of tools. 

Improved collaboration is another focus of the Ads Creative Studio, with multiple users/teams able to work together on the same project. Ads will also be available to be used across projects once created.

You can collaboratively organize and use assets of all types from the asset library, allowing one team to maintain the creatives while another utilizes them in display and video campaigns. 

Display & Video 360 users will have access to the beta version of the Ads Creative Studio at the end of July and YouTube Ads users - in September.