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Crypto Affiliate Marketing

Crypto Affiliate Marketing

           The most popular traffic sources for crypto offers

           Among media buyers working with crypto and forex traffic, there is often debate as to traffic source is the best for the crypto niche. What source will ensure the best conversion and profitability. 

           Based on our experience, we want to tell you about the traffic sources having the highest EPC (earnings per click) at our platform.

           The most choice is SEO traffic is regularly covers topics of various trading aspects, forex trading and signals, blockchain technologies, and cryptocurrency-related projects. The target audience of these sites is very well converting to registration and FTD (first-time depositors). Based on our statistics EPC for SEO traffic reach $15-20

           Emailing blast works perfectly as well. If you have an email database interested in crypto and trading, then you can prepare a localized offer that attracts them. Since e-mailing is a medium of direct communication with potential customers, this traffic has a high EPC and brings tangible revenue for our affiliates. EPC level depends upon the quality of the database and specific of its origin. If it is a common spam mailing for a wide audience, the EPC level never rises above $1-2, but this is still a nice value. If you have a database with a target audience of potential crypto traders, one-click can bring from $5 to $10 revenue

           Facebook has remained one of the main traffic sources in the Crypto and Forex market for many years. The largest social network worldwide constantly implements new restrictions and bans, and currently promoting crypto, forex, and moneymaking categories are completely prohibited by Facebook. But experienced affiliates have never been stopped by restrictions, using different cloaking schemes they supply huge amounts of traffic for the industry. Affiliates pre-heat their accounts with white niche ads so that they don't raise suspicions from the very beginning and the system can automatically upload the next ad campaigns. After successful warming up, affiliates come up with creatives for the selected crypto offer, substitute links, and promos, and launch ads in the target direction. With proper account preparation and by using special cloaking tools an experienced affiliate gets a very good CR and high earnings per click rate (EPC), which reaches $10 and even more.

           Paid search traffic is having good results, but usually lower in volumes. Affiliates having expertise in generating such traffic can try it and successfully monetize their labor. As a rule, there is also a cloaking approach, and the profitability of such traffic is not less than generated with Facebook.

      We also cannot ignore the native teaser's traffic, which is perfectly converted with the use of the correct funnels (banner-landing-broker) for certain geos. Our team is always ready to reveal secrets and share the most relevant insight into using the right funnels. Moreover, we offer customized solutions for the declared source of affiliate traffic to ensure high EPC. We constantly collect analytics and have extensive expertise to provide professional and convenient service.  

Currently, about a hundred affiliates are working the Forex and Crypto categories in our platform, most of them have individual solutions for traffic and working conditions from C3PA. The average return per active affiliate is $3.000 to $5.000 per week.

           Concerning the information provided on traffic extraction, you can try some of them in your work. But keep in mind that affiliate marketing is constantly evolving and something new is emerging. Perhaps you will be the first to come up with a new non-standard approach and attract a lot of target audiences to the offshore market.


           Why C3PA is professional in the crypto niche?

           The company СЗРА has a wide history and is firmly entrenched in affiliate marketing. From the very beginning and during 5 years the crypto is our main vertical and we successfully developing it. Due to a good reputation, we have the opportunity to choose the best brokers in the market, having regulations and recommendations, professional call-centers, that can help convince clients to invest and earn. C3PA always fulfills its payment obligations to its partners and is set up for long-term fruitful cooperation with mutual benefits.           

            We, in turn, provide affiliates a huge selection of funnels that are localized for different geos, thus arousing more trust and better EPC. In our work, we use the software, that allows us to observe in real-time the work call-centers and view the status of each lead. Once the affiliate starts the traffic, our teamwork on optimization of the traffic and directs it to the broker with better conversion and profit, based on statistics.


           Why should you choose СЗРА?

           Company СЗРА is a wide history affiliate network, specializing in dating and crypto. The earnings per click (EPC) our affiliates are $20 and depending on the traffic source. Our goal is to change the way we think about affiliate marketing. СЗРА was founded by a strong team of marketing experts, our team has fundamental experience in various categories worldwide.

           The company's strengths that distinguish СЗРА among others is the high and timely payments offered to clients, a wide range of offers, and qualitative support to our affiliates.

           The affiliate marketing industry is an ocean of opportunity and СЗРА strives to be part of every bold step towards exploiting the viable marketing potential that may emerge along the way. We are happy if you decide to become a part of our family!