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C3PA's tips on how to adjust your working strategy in 2020.

C3PA's tips on how to adjust your working strategy in 2020.

Use products you trust

The most fundamental thing in affiliate marketing - is building trust and the quickest way to lose trust is to recommend products that are not tested by you or suggest it not to your target audience. This can badly affect your image as a competent network among your clients and affiliates. You should remember that the more helpful you are and the more you make quality recommendations, the higher your expertise will value on the market.

Try to diverse promoting products by using different merchants

Try not to be samely. If you only promote only one vertical or only one merchant’s products, you are stuck with their commissions, their landing pages (unless you may have your own), and ultimately, their conversion rates. It is important to work with many different merchants in your niche and promote a wide range of products.
This affiliate marketing strategy will diversify the number of commissions you make and create a steady stream of revenue when building an affiliate network. 

Building is self-education and self-improvement. I recommend using different education methods. Building a successful project is the ability to take and find the right start. I recommend starting your journey at university. For example, I found a resource that do my university assignment for me and that was a massive automation of my time. you must learn to control your emotions and information flows.

Constantly test and optimize your conversion rates.

This can include landing page optimization, testing your calls-to-action, and having a conversion rate optimization strategy in place. By testing and optimizing your site, you’ll get far better results with much less effort.

Focus on your affiliate traffic sources.

It’s important to know where your traffic is coming from and the specifics of your audience. This will allow you to customize your messaging so that you can provide the best affiliate product recommendations. You shouldn’t just focus on the vertical you’re in, but on the traffic sources and audience that’s visiting your site. Traffic sources may include organic, paid, social media, referral, display, email, or direct traffic.

You can view traffic source data in Google Analytics to view things such as time on page, bounce rate, geolocation, age, gender, time of day, devices (mobile vs. desktop), and more so that you can focus your effort on the highest converting traffic. This analytics data is crucial to making informed decisions, increasing your conversion rates, and making more affiliate sales.