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C3PA dating offers: Top converting approaches to creatives from RichAds

C3PA dating offers: Top converting approaches to creatives from RichAds

Last year was quite challenging for most of the verticals in affiliate marketing. Pandemic made severe changes and reprioritized in the sphere. Internet dating became one of the most popular verticals on an equal footing with gambling, betting, and gaming. 

2021 maintains this upward trend and proposes using converting approaches for casual and mainstream dating. 

In this article, our partner – RichAds advertising platform – will dwell on the best approaches to making push creatives for dating verticals and give expert tips to make a profit and scale your campaigns.

What are the advantages of push traffic?

  • It works with lots of verticals.
  • Low cost per click (for example, in RichAds it starts from $0.003).
  • Huge traffic volumes allow running ads even with low budgets.
  • Quite loyal moderation will save time on approvals.
  • 100% visibility of ad formats.

Elements of push notification

What to remember while launching a dating push campaign?

  1. Prepare icons similar to something from messengers and apps (love, hearts, new icons message).
  2. Add elements familiar to most of the users (website bookmarks, alerts, email/message).
  3. Prepare 3-5 creatives with different approaches for one offer to test and choose the best option.
  4. Start your campaign with the maximum wide targeting settings possible.
  5. Launch separate campaigns for mobile and desktop.
  6. 1-3 frequency cap value per 24-48 hours is the best solution possible.

Approaches to preparing dating creatives for C3PA offers

1. Offer:

A new message icon is a wonderful native way to attract users via elements familiar to them. Tinder is the most famous dating app in the world. Add “(1) new message headline” and Tinder’s icon to attract your target audience.

2. Offer:

Pay attention to the user’s “pain points”. Lots of them could feel loneliness, abandonment, and a desire for communication. Highlight these feelings in the creative to increase its CTR.

Find quality push and pop traffic for this offer in RichAds.

3. Offer:

One more converting type of creatives is to try to make your push look like an informative article with new ways of finding a couple or a date.

Here are the examples of the headlines:

  • “10 ways to find a couple”
  • “5 perfect places for the first date”
  • “7 messages to start a chat with your beloved one”

4. Offer:

Another approach assumes localization. You can localize your creative via using a phone number. For example, in the creative below, you can see the Australian phone format (you can use the phone number of the geo you launch your campaign in).

5. Offer:

Your creative may also imitate a video. Place the play button on the main image to increase clickability. In the headline and the main text, use the call to see the clip.

5 more BONUS approaches

1. 21+ age limit and country.
The age limit will add curiosity, and the country will help to personalize your creative (add the country in which you ran a campaign).

2. Add age to a narrow target audience.
One more way to increase еру CTR of your creatives is to add the name and the age of a girl in the maiт image. It will help to get valuable statistics with the age of the target audience.

3. Voice message from a nice girl.
Try to make users think that they got a new message from a pretty girl. Place the girl’s image and the length of a voice message.

4. Pick a girl of a popular nationality.
For example, Asian and Latin girls are popular among men all over the world.

5. Instagram models attract users’ attention.
Popular social networks work great with the dating vertical, and Instagram is not an exception. Photo with famous models is a perfect choice to increase clickability.

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