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Biggest Affiliate Problems and How to deal with them

Biggest Affiliate Problems and How to deal with them

Being an affiliate marketer is quite hard work. It usually takes more than making creatives and launching campaigns. That also could be a challenge during the pandemic crisis. We gathered some of the affiliate issues every marketer could bump into. 


Hope our short check-list will make it easier for you to conquer the affiliate world 🤘


🔘Slow paying affiliate networks


In most cases, there are no problems. It is understandable when an affiliate network doesn’t pay for low-quality leads. What is less intelligible is withholding your account balance or delaying payouts when there is nothing wrong on your side. 

It is necessary to read the network’s terms and conditions. Before signing up for the affiliate network, remember one thing: Research an affiliate network. We mentioned that before in our latest post about affiliate scams. Check their reputation and opinions, choose only reliable companies. During your research, consider finding networks that allow for weekly payments. Slow paying is not about C3PA Network. We have weekly payments - sign up quickly to discover the opportunities of money boosting offers!


🔘Domain ban


How often do you see the red screen of death in the browser? It happens when Google sees your domain as unsafe, thus blocking or at least hiding an option to visit your site.


Prevention is always better than cure. Make sure you lower the risk of getting banned. For that, you should always:

  • Use a dedicated server or cloud hosting that doesn’t share resources with other web pages;
  • Use brands that you have to rights to in your advertising;
  • Avoid any tactics that may be considered malicious (back-button scripts, intrusive pop-ups);
  • Be prepared for the ban anyway. 

The best way to be prepared is to have a backup domain ready and react fast if banned.


🔘Account bans


With Google and Facebook, it is better to play the safe game. So the advice is simple - follow the T&Cs.

When creating a new Facebook ad account, try to use the Account warmup approach. That might make you look good in the eyes of Facebook.

Even if you are a small-time affiliate and your account gets blocked for whatever reason, you can always appeal. Again and again.


🔘 The affiliate marketer is a multitasking marketer. 


From the moment you start your affiliate journey, you are:

  • A marketer
  • A coder
  • An analyst
  • A designer
  • A content writer

Quite challengeable, right? Here are some steps to avoid doing it wrong: automation and outsourcing. 

Try to google out the lists of best tools for affiliate marketers to ease your workflow. Many platforms, such as trackers or traffic sources, have algorithm-based solutions designed to identify the most profitable funnels. 


Where software won’t do, you can always get a freelancer to get the job done. Many Fiverr-like services may allow you to get the help you need - get a freelancer to get the job done: creatives, ad copies, code-stuff, etc. Plan your work. Don’t waste hours on something that someone else can do in minutes for just a few bucks. Put your effort into increasing the ROI.


You will agree that a true affiliate journey can be a tough one. Keep an eye on trends and register to C3PA to have weekly payments. What else do you need? Wishing you the highest ROI 🤑