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6 Ways You Can Attract the Traffic You Want to Your Affiliate Site

6 Ways You Can Attract the Traffic You Want to Your Affiliate Site

First of all, it is important to know that there are two types of traffic: paid and organic. Organic traffic comes naturally when people find your site on other platforms.

Big brands like Apple and Nike get a lot of organic traffic due to their market share and popularity.
Paid traffic, in turn, comes from paid advertising on search engines, social networks, or other advertisements.

In affiliate marketing, the advertiser has already created the product or service and the affiliate program and provided the tools and creatives needed to help market their offering. The main task for publishers is to generate traffic to these affiliate offers, which equates to more traffic to the advertiser’s website via an affiliate link. This ideally leads to more conversions and higher profits. Therefore, to be able to generate traffic has to be top of the list of priorities for publishers. 

1. Keywords and SEO optimization

Your website is the presenting brand for your affiliate links and needs to be discovered by consumers interested in your niche. Making your content easy for search engines to track your site is prime, as it will help rank your site higher up on searches and drive more organic traffic to your affiliate offers.

SEO optimizing means improving your site for search engines and visitors.

When used correctly, SEO can help your business rank first on the search engine results page (SERP) and drive traffic to your site.

You can start optimizing your website by doing keyword research for your content. Therefore, you will find out how many people are looking for the keyword and its competitiveness. 

This way, you can determine which keywords can get high rankings in search engines.

There are many tools for finding keywords. The most popular of these is Google Keyword Planner. You can search for keyword suggestions or view historical metrics (average monthly searches, competition, etc.).

Once you decide which keywords to use, you can start optimizing your website. The optimization process can be split up into two categories:

  • Offsite SEO refers to anything you can do to promote your website, such as link building, social media marketing, bookmarking, and more.
  • Internal SEO is the process of optimizing various parts of your website, including content.

When creating content for a website, first of all, focus on the internal SEO for the page. After all, your site needs to be flawless before you start promoting it. Here are a few things you can do to improve your website:

  • Meta Headline: Create a catchy headline with your keywords. It should contain about 70 characters.
  • Meta Description: a short description of a web page that appears in search results. Like the meta title, it should contain the main keywords so that search engines and people can learn what the page is about.
  • Header tags. Make your content into easy-to-read chunks using heading tags (H1 to H6).
  • Alternative text for images (Alt) is used to describe images on the Internet. That helps search engine robots recognize the pictures. Screen readers also use this text to describe pictures for blind people.

2. Social media, blog posts, and unique content

  • Blog Posts

Adapt your content to your niche and target. Provide relevant, reliable information. Your goal is to demonstrate your professionalism in this area.
Make sure your blog content is well written. Follow a consistent style guide, create a consistent structure for all your blog posts and articles. Visitors are more likely to leave your site if the content is difficult to understand. Use tools like Grammarly or the Hemingway app to keep yourself safe from any grammatical or stylistic mistakes.

  • Guest blogging

Guest blogging is posting your content on another webpage or when you invite another blogger to publish a blog post on your site. In other words, it is like cross-promo in the same niche.
Guest posting is an opportunity to engage your industry experts and their followers. But as a guest blogger yourself, you promote the brand among an already formed audience.
The benefits go far beyond just reaching out to different audiences. When you share your knowledge on a guest blog, you can establish yourself as an authority or expert in your field.
Its effect is like a wave. By increasing the authority of your site's domain, you thereby increase your rank in the search and ultimately the volume of traffic.
A guest writer can bring new ideas and engaging content to your audience. If you are stuck with monotony, a guest post is a great way to engage your readers and keep them happy.

  • Social media 

More than 3.48 billion people used social media, according to The Next Web.
With this reach, social media marketing has tremendous potential to generate traffic, leads, and increase brand awareness, which ultimately improves sales conversions.
When designing your social media marketing strategy, make sure you:

  • Know your target audience and make a thorough plan according to their needs
  • Set measurable goals
  • Choose suitable channel
  • Create a content plan

Remember that different social media platforms require different strategies, so be sure to do your research thoroughly.
A successful social media campaign will help you build brand awareness and can significantly increase traffic.

3. YouTube
You've probably come across videos when searching on Google. And, most likely, they were videos from YouTube. Research shows that 88% of the videos that rank on the first page of the Google SERP are from YouTube. Hence, this platform is a great way to drive traffic to your website.
To drive traffic, ask your viewers to visit your site and explain how they benefit from doing so. You can use short sentences such as “Visit for a complete course on how to write faster,” or place a CTA in your video.

4. Online forums

According to Quora:

«Leverage online forums by answering questions relevant to your industry. You’ll build authority as people start seeing you as the expert.

The more consistently you answer questions, the more your authority grows.

Quora and Reddit are two of the largest platforms for executing this strategy.
Reddit has 430 million monthly visitors. Go to Reddit and look for terms related to your affiliate site, and view the comments.

Look for comments with lots of engagement for the most amount of traffic. You can post your comments with links to your website as long as you do it ethically.

If you’re helping them solve a problem, you’re in good shape.

Use Reddit’s keyword research tool, Keyworddit, to find keywords related to your niche»

5. Paid Online Advertising

Advertising is the mainstay of lead generation. Whether you choose to do paid search, social media campaigns, remarketing, or display advertising, it’s a tried and tested method to drive traffic to your affiliate links.

One of the advantages of using paid lead generating techniques is that people who click on your links are usually high up in the buying cycle, and are therefore ready to purchase. However, you need to balance the cost of your advertisements with the commission you receive per sale. If each ad conversion costs $50 and the commission per sale is $40, it is not worth pursuing this form of lead generation.

6. Email marketing

Communication via mail has proven its effectiveness for many years in a row. Thanks to this, you can directly communicate with customers and understand how to increase site traffic using regular mailing lists. To build a mailing list, you do not have to conduct large-scale research or outbid it, as some companies do.

You can simply post a simple form on the site with a voluntary registration or subscription. Those visitors who are interested in your products or services will leave their contact information.

Site owners definitely want to drive traffic to their site. Many people think that they have to spend a lot of money in order to improve their website traffic.

We've shared some of the best free and paid ways to drive traffic to your website. Hope you will find it useful for your performance.