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Looking for some tips to maximize the results of your top-performing Facebook ads? Here is a C3PA shortlist of top-5 ways and recommendations for improving your performance. Let’s check!

1.     Use Facebook Video Ads
Powerful content format. You’ve likely noticed that video content taking over your News Feed. Marketers claim that view videos are 1.81X more likely to purchase than non-video viewers. Also, the set-up process is as easy as setting up an image ad. Keep it short and sweet and add captions. According to Facebook, captioned video ads increase video view time by an average of 12%. One of the trends you better not ignore.

2.     GIF Facebook Ads are now a big deal
Another new trend for you to improve your performance. Stats says the shorter video is, the more complete views you can get. GIFs are eye-catching and easy to make. You can create it by using any GIF Maker. Don’t put too much text in it, use high-quality images, focus on telling your story as simply as possible. 10 seconds aren't a ton of time

3.     Implement Facebook Pixel 
It helps you measure conversions, optimize your ads and targeting, and gain insights about the Facebook users visiting your website or downloading your app. Install its code to your site pages and make your ads running even better than before

4.     Remarketing is life
This feature lets you reach people who've already interacted with or checked out your brand in some way. People who are familiar with your brand are 2x more likely to convert and 3x more likely to engage. 

5.     Placements 
Carefully chosen placements can have a huge impact on your ad performance. Recommended placements you can notice while setting up your campaign, means that Facebook wants you to spend more money. If you’re not into that, edit it to create your custom settings. Be careful with certain ad formats while choosing placements.