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The pandemic times will be remembered as a turning point. And 2020 was quite a year of challenge, wasn’t it? Let’s make some revision.


Due to this, C3PA’s CEO in an interview for RichAds has summed up the year results: 2020 trends, best offers, and all the difficulties we faced.


Q: How 2020 was different in terms of verticals, offers, traffic sources, challenges?

A: Online activity of customers grew up due to quarantine times, all verticals increased in a number of users. But for some verticals conversion to purchase and customer acquisition generally went down. We observed a decrease in purchases for dating verticals in the EU when US dating products maintained a stable level of conversion almost during all pandemic year. In the trading vertical we observed growth, as main cryptocurrencies performed growth all year long and people consider it an opportunity to make money on crypto trading. Trading brokers appeared in strong competition for the customer that made them increase the cost of user acquisition by 15-20% compared to the previous year.

Have to admit notable changes in traffic sources performance. US President’s elections affected Facebook and Google traffic sources, a lot of ad accounts have been banned. Marketers are still recovering and noting the drop of ROI from those sources. 


Q: Which offers and verticals were the most popular this year among affiliates?

A: We are focusing on verticals that were stable during all this year: dating, crypto, and gambling. Of course, there were hard times for betting companies during global lockdown when there were no sports events, and for many betting companies and marketers this year was the worst ever. On the other hand, it was good times for online Casinos that weren’t affected much, and the lockdown accelerated customer growth. As I mentioned before, it was a pretty successful year for the Trading vertical, and for marketers who work with dating traffic, as conversion click2reg increased.


Q: What are your forecasts for the upcoming year? How will the affiliate marketing sphere change, and what to expect?

A: Looking into next year, our expectations are positive. Dating, Crypto, and Gambling verticals will keep growing, no doubts. Regarding traffic sources, we are looking forward to seeing new trends for changing Facebook. It might be TikTok, we already work much on it and having a good ROI.

And of course, looking forward to offline events and conferences back since the spring of 2021. We’re missing it much and hope to see it back very soon.


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